Sunday, 1 November 2009


Last night was the American holiday Hallowe'en, in which everyone in England gets dressed up for this largely secular event, to go trick or treating or watch films. On the other hand alot of people see it as a great excuse to get very drunk and show themselves up. A young fellow I unfortunately didn't catch the name of, dressed at some kind of Roman Soldier, approached me last night and basically quizzed me on my knowledge of the newsagents I live above. I answered to the best of my knowledge but the boy got very angry, very quickly and told my friends and I we were 'losers', with emphasis on the 'o' weather that was his spin on it or the vast amount of wkd's the young child may have had, I'm unsure.

"You lot are loooosers, I'm going to get... my friends and we are going to come back... to you. You never even go to Harlequins." Harlequins is a kebab shop down the road from me which has a couple of the same members as staff as the newsagents. Incredible. Probably the greatest argument I've decided not to get involved in. After moments of waiting outside the now prolific venue, Harlequins, the pre-pubescent cretin never came back.
Happy Halloween

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