Saturday, 27 November 2010

Blair's Ghost Still Haunts Downing Street

My illustration, in response to an article in The Guardian in October commenting on how Tony Blair's ideas and aspirations still, live on under the coalition government.
Thee article can be found here.

Cameron Signs French Arms Deal

David Cameron has signed a Anglo-French deal with President Nicolas Sarkozy to share various military equipment, in what makes 'considerable savings in economically strained times'. The article from The Independent is here.

San Francisco Bans Happy Meals

Yes, San Francisco has banned its McDonald's restaurants from selling children's favourite meal. This the latest fight on childhood obesity. Please find the article here.

Miliband Announces Birth On Twitter

Ed Miliband, Labour Leader, announced the birth of his second son on the social networking site, Twitter, earlier this month. The article to go with this rather fine illustration is here.

Time Running Out For Portsmouth

Earlier this year Portsmouth Football Club faced a winding up order from the High Court after failing to pay off club debts. One of many articles on the matter is here.


Since November began I have been growing (trying) a moustache to raise money for prostate cancer. For those not in the loop it cleverly called 'Movember'. It may sound like a lazy way to raise money, in comparison to riding a bike from John O'Groats to Lands End, but its for a good cause and it all counts. I have been subjected to ridicule for a whole month about my 'five o'clock shadow' or my 'snail trail'. So please give what you can.

Thank You

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Gowned and Crowned above.
Its official I have a degree in illustration. Odd thing with Graduation was the scroll. As you don't collect one on stage, like in the movies, you borrow one for the official photo. Its as big an Anti Climax as when you try to listen to the
'snap' 'crackle' & 'pop' of Rice Krispies.

Oh you. Watch The Trip
Try watching this video and not singing and then imitating it whenever and where ever you walk . Impossible !


Reviewers Reviewed

Pejhy, who have previously featured me as an illustrator on their blog, which showcases the finest in aural & visual treats, have bigged up
Click here to see the whole feature. Nice one Jonathan.
To watch Spurs thrash Arsenal, in the best comeback of all time check out these bad boi Highlights