Thursday, 29 October 2009


For my last project at Uni we were set the brief entitled 'Commitment'. I took this as you were to commit to something. Thinking back to what i had previously committed myself to, I remembered being in Primary School and having to look after an egg for a week.....So that was it Peter Andre was born, i say born, he was born in a pack of Tesco economy caged eggs.

As we had to hand in a project i made Peter a house and a facebook page. He currently has over 70 fans, many of which obviously think its some kind of pathetic shrine to the 'real' Peter Andre. Oh how they would be let down.

I made a scrapbook through the eyes of Peter, showing our week in images and drawings, to also hand in. The work is currently getting marked but will be put up asap.

Thank You

These are Thank You Cards i made for a brief earlier this month. We were told to create ten things and sell 9 of them before handing the remaining piece to get marked. I sold all 9 for 500% profit making a grand total of .......a fiver. I'll have Duncan Bannatyne knocking on my door soon enough.

Electric Works

Late last year we were set a live brief by the art director for Electric Works, which is a building in Sheffield for creatives. Our brief was to represent 'Connectivity' in our work. I did this illustration which would of been placed on the side of a coffee machine showing little coffee bean men working together to make drinks,for the people at Electric Works.


I did these pieces for a self directed brief at Uni. I decided to illustrate articles from the Finace section of The Times newspaper. I feel that those pages, even thought they are very interesting, look so dull and lifeless that they needed images on them.