Thursday, 16 September 2010


After the best Summer since time began, 22 years ago, I am back at home about to wipe the dust of the portfolio and give it some new flava flave. Got afew new things lined up, including possibly 'starring' in a American Advert for Google & Sony
so look out for that one, Hotshots !

Oi you ! Listen to Summer Camp, Buy my clothes off Ebay but most importantly Enjoy your life.


Been away quite a while so here is whats been a gwarnin since last time, with regards to my Illustration. The aforementioned Art competition set up by Ben Casey from The Chase, at Tom's Chop House in Manchester was alot more efficacious than expected.

The Auction was in support of the North West Air Ambulance and according to the D&aD blog featured 'the best in striking new illustration'. There were over 160 entries submitted from eight northern colleges, which were judged by a panel made up of professional illustrators including Ian Pollock, agents, gallery owners and designers.
I entered two images, one of them being
'Simon Cowell & Jedward' as shown
on display below.(far left)

20 images were then shortlisted for the auction itself on July 1st. The shortlist can be viewed here. One of my 'Kerry Katona Fridge/Freezer' prints (below)sold for an undisclosed fee.

So Thank You to whichever kind soul, with a good sense of humour and taste purchased that. It's also for charity so I am well chuffed.

Oh yes and I graduated.