Thursday, 5 May 2011

Financially Hard Times Preview

Good Afternoon,
Haven't posted in a while, as I have been working on this bad boi zine (pictured above).

"About to hit East London like a bitter sweet ice cream man, hell-bent on delivering satire to your hungry tummy" Tony, 34, Cyprus

The Financially Hard Times is a monthly zine that will be released in various bars around East London. How Bloody Trendy is that ay ?
Look out for them as they are limited to just a 100. These will be like gold dust in afew years. Trust.


  1. Where can I get my paws on such bloody great merch? touch.

  2. So arousing...I want one of these bad boys!!!
    Peace Out x

  3. jaguar shoes. the old shoreditch station stock these wonderful tings. trust.