Thursday, 3 June 2010

Top Of The Pops

Newsflash !

With Creative Spark a week in things are going well. Work has had a positive reaction. Which brings me swiftly on to my first feature.

2 Good
Got this email. "Congratulations! You have been nominated to show your work, from this years Graphics graduates, at the D&AD annual event 'New Blood' in the East End of London. This is a fantastic opportunity to be seen amongst some of the best graduates of 2010."

2 Bad
I fly to America for the summer the day before the event starts, so I cannot attend.

Absolutely gutted I am missing out on it, I can hear Miley Cyrus now, sqealing 'sucks to be you' at me. Like all of dropped England squad members I can say ''it was just nice to be nominated and and have my name banded around with other

But then again I am very lucky to be going all transatlantic.

In other gossip, Ben Casey of design agency The Chase has set up some kind of art auction (I dont really know the details) which my work is going into. So hopefully make some money there. It's not charity vibe - as all the proceeds will be going to me.

Music News.

Leeds band and good friends of mine, Loose Talk Costs Live are using my inky bouquet (above) to front the single, 'Some Nice Flowers' they plan to release in October. Expect some merchandise closer to the time including mugs and hats. They debuted in Sheffield on Monday at Soyo Live and were top dolla. I rate.


Vogue's fashionable band of the year, The Heebie Jeebies are playing The Harley next Friday night before they go and tear a new eardrum into Glastonbury. The show will feature four magicians, a dancing elephant inside jelly and yours truly, as guest lead vocalist on (Th)Dem Mad Colours*

*Two of the above are false.

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