Wednesday, 21 April 2010



Been quite a while, plodding on with university work. Total of two weeks and two days left then i am a free man. This graduation project is starting to feel like a prison sentence. Baht if i pull my finger out, then all should be fine. In talks with trying to sort out another blog for abit of celebrity bashing so i will keep you, all seven of you, upto date.

I am finally filming the Heebie Jeebies video next week after delays, due to the volcanic ash that is literally everywhere. Hopefully it will be half as good as Hot Chips new vhs.

In other news.... if you're willing to waste a day or two have a bash at the hardest quiz ever and if any of you know anyone collecting the Panini World Cup 2010 sticker album let me know as i have Didier Drogba in swap.

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